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Current Residence: OMG I moved back in with my parents... -_-;
Favorite genre of music: I have to pick one?!
Favorite book: Once again... too many options!
Operating System: HP (My laptop) Dell (Work computer) Wordpad and Notepad are my tools...
MP3 player of choice: Got a new iPod... and the hold button is broken. X_d
Favorite cartoon character: WAY Too many to name!
Current Quote: “The Mouser sighed. The moment had come, he knew, as it always did, when outward circumstances and inner urges commanded an act, when curiosity and fascination tipped the scale of caution, when the lure of a vision and an adventure became so great and deep-hooking that he must respond to it or have his inmost self-respect eaten away.”
― Fritz Leiber, Swords in the Mist
So anyone who browses my favorites will noticed I have a lot of Haruka/Michiru pictures... that's a story that began after high school...

When I was a sophomore in high school, a friend of mine named Jeff lent me some VHS tapes of a series called Ranma 1/2. That was my first real turn-on to what anime had to offer. I watched cartoons and read novels for entertainment. I had heard of anime, but didn't understand what it quite was. As a kid I had seen episodes of 'G-Force: Guardians of Space' (which was known in Japan as Science Ninja Team Gatchaman), and dealt with Pokemon episodes rather than attend my junior high (which was not my favorite place to be).

After school, I was employed at Sam Goody as a sales clerk; my first real job. Several consequences came of my employment, one of which was an interest in anime. I picked up on DVD off of the shelves, and it was called 'Sailor Moon S'. I had seen a few of the American English translations on Cartoon Network, and it hadn't caught my interest, but I wanted to hear the original in Japanese.

So, I watched the first couple of episodes. AND THEN...

I remember hearing the theme and seeing the rose petals fall across the screen, and I saw them for the first time: Haruka Tenoh and Michiru Kaioh. Michiru was elegant, poised, very classy... Haruka was bold, determined, strong and tough... both were young women who were in a very intense relationship (though how intimate it was, that was left for the viewer to determined/fantasize about).

They were my first lesbian role models; there's not another way I can think of to put it. It cemented home for me what type of person I wanted to be like.

I imagined myself as Haruka; swift, coming to terms with my future, but being reliable for a partner who earned my trust and perhaps more than that... and the fact that Michiru is a femme knockout doesn't hurt in the least.

Confession; I cried at the scene in the cathedral. Yes, they had me caring that much.

I gave my DVDs away, and traded in the manga I had read. But I will remember those two, and hope that they and their family (with Hotaru as their daughter and Setsuna as their dear friend) will continue on, along with the other Sailor Senshi into legend.

*And I would totally wield the sword that Haruka wielded. It looked so shiny. ^^
  • Listening to: The Thrilling Adventure Hour
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  • Eating: Srevotfel (leftovers backwards)
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